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Equipment Rental


The 2015/2016 season is here!

Visit our rental center for all your equipment needs and let our caring Experience Guides introduce you to skiing and snowboarding.
Our rental equipment is a great ski for beginners and up. Soft, lightweight and easy to control, the BYS System features a new streamlined process that is guaranteed to get you on the hill faster.
*Please note: Person’s under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by or have the rental agreement signed by a parent or guardian in advance of arrival.

*Ski Packages

Packages include skis, boots, bindings, & poles.

*Snowboard Packages

Packages include snowboard, boots, & bindings.

Security Deposit

When you pay for your rentals, you will be asked to provide GOSKAND Inc. with a valid credit card. We will keep your credit card number on fi­le until all rental equipment is returned.

If you do not have a credit card a $300 cash deposit is required for each ski and snowboard rental.

A valid driver’s license is required for all rentals. Cash and major credit cards accepted. GOSKAND SKI Rental and Retail shops do not rent clothing
Our rental technicians will help match you up with equipment that will enable you to get the most out of your day.
You can pick up your equipment at our rental locations.


All rentals are on a first come, first serve basis and cannot be reserved in advance. Reserve your Rentals & Rental Equipment

Ski Rental Rates

We carry adult boots from sizes 5 to 17 1/2. The smallest child boot size we carry is 8 1/2.

Adult One Day (ski, boots, and poles) $25
Child One Day (ski, boots, and poles) $20
Adult Each Additional Day (ski, boots, and poles) $20
Child Each Additional Day (ski, boots, and poles) $15
Cash or credit card (Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX) deposit required on all rentals.
Helmets may reduce the risk or severity of some types of injuries, however they cannot keep you safe from injury.
Skiing can be a hazardous activity regardless of any and all feasible safety measures that can be taken.
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Weekend Rentals ( 3 Days)

Pick up rentals on Thursday after 5 pm & return them by noon – 2 PM on Monday. Rentals returned after will be charged a $35.00 late fee.
Security deposit for non-returned rentals will be charged each day
Prices subject to change without notice.
Going on a trip this season? We’ve got you covered! From baselayer to outerwear, Goskand Ski and Snowboard Shops have what you need to stay warm this winter. The key to staying warm is layering – this helps you be prepared for the varying conditions you will Face. We also suggest you use our pre-trip checklist so you don’t forget the little stuff like sun screen and neck-ups.

Skis Sizing Chart

*Please note: this is only a recommendation. Please contact our customer service department so we can give you a more accurate recommendation based on your individual needs.

Men’s Skis Sizing Chart

Skier Weight Skier Height
LBS (KG) ft/inches (cm)
100 lbs+ (45-kg) 4’6″+ (137cm+)
110 lbs+ (50-kg) 4’9″+ (145cm+)
120 lbs+ (55-kg) 5’0″+ (152cm+)
130 lbs+ (59-kg) 5’3″+ (160cm+)
140 lbs+ (64-kg) 5’6″+ (168cm+)
150 lbs+ (68-kg) 5’9″+ (175cm+)
170 lbs+ (77-kg) 6’0″+ (183cm+)
190 lbs+
Ski Length (cm)
Expert Intermediate
134cm + 124cm +
146cm + 136cm +
159cm + 149cm +
166cm + 156cm +
170cm + 160cm +
177cm + 167cm +
184cm + 174cm +
191cm + 181cm +

Women’s Atomic Skis Sizing Chart

Skier Weight Skier Height
LBS (KG) ft/inches (cm)
100 lbs+ (45-kg) 4’9″+ (145cm+)
110 lbs+ (50-kg) 5’0″+ (152cm+)
120 lbs+ (55-kg) 5’2″+ (157cm+)
130 lbs+ (59-kg) 5’4″+ (163cm+)
140 lbs+ (64-kg) 5’6″+ (168cm+)
150 lbs+ (68-kg) 5’8″+ (173cm+)
160 lbs+ (73-kg) 5’10″+ (178cm+)
170 lbs+ (77-kg) 6’0″+ (183cm+)
Ski Length (cm)
Expert Intermediate
149cm + 139cm +
152cm + 142cm +
153cm + 146cm +
163cm + 153cm +
166cm + 156cm +
170cm + 160cm +
173cm + 163cm +
180cm + 170cm +

Men’s Spyder Sizing Chart – Apparel and Gloves

Please Note: Spyder ski wear tends to run a bit narrower and shorter compared to other vendors. We recommend “sizing up” if you are not familiar with the “Spyder fit.”

Men’s Body Measurements

34 – 36 37 – 39 40 – 42 43 – 45 46 – 48 49 – 51 52 – 54
26 – 28 29 – 31 32 – 34 35 – 37 38 – 40 41 – 43 44 – 46
Sleeve Length
31 1/2 32 1/2 33 1/2 34 1/4 35 1/2 35 3/4 36 1/2
30 31 32 32.5 33 33 1/2 34
All measurements are in INCHES LONGs are 1″ longer in the inseam SHORTs are 1″ shorter in the inseam

Women’s Body Measurements

2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
32 33 34 35 36 37.5 39 40.5 42.5 44.5
24.5 25.5 26.5 27.5 28.5 30 31.5 33 35 37
35 36 37 38 39 40.5 42 43.5 45.5 47.5
Sleeve Length
29.5 30 30.5 31 31.5 32 32.5 33 33.5 34
30 30.5 30.5 31 31 31.5 31.5 32 32 32

Spyder Gloves Sizing Chart

Knuckle Circumference Women’s Men’s
6.25 – 6.5 XS
6.5 – 7 S XS
7 – 7.5 M XS
7.5 – 8 L S
8.5 – 9 XL M
9.5 – 10 L
10.5 – 11 XL

All measurements are in INCHES

Ski Boots Sizing Chart

Please note, we recommend that if you do not know your ski boot size you should be fitted by your local ski shop before making a purchase.
Use the conversion chart below to determine what boot size you may be. Please note, this is a ‘guide’ and not a specific sizing chart. If you have any questions about fit and boot size, please feel free to contact our store. 773-586-2577

Mondo (cm) Youth / Junior Men Women Europe U.K.
15 8 25 7
15.5 8 25 7
16 9 26 8
16.5 9 26 8
17 10 27 9
17.5 11 28 10
18.5 12 29 11
19.5 13 30.5 12
20 13.5 31 13
20.5 1 32 13.5
21 2 33 1
21.5 3 34 2
22 4 5 35 3
22.5 4.5 5.5 36 3.5
23 5 6 36.5 4
23.5 5.5 6.5 37 4.5
24 6 7 38 5
24.5 6.5 7.5 38.5 5.5
25 7 8 39 6
25.5 7.5 8.5 40 6.5
26 8 9 40.5 7
26.5 8.5 9.5 41 7.5
27 9 10 42 8
27.5 9.5 10.5 42.5 8.5
28 10 11 43 9
28.5 10.5 11.5 44 9.5
29 11 12 44.5 10
29.5 11.5 45 10.5
30 12 45.5 11
30.5 12.5 46 11.5
31 13 47 12
31.5 13.5 47.5 12.5
32 14 48 13
32.5 14.5 48.5 13.5
33 15 49 14
33.5 15.5 50 14.5
34 16 51 15


Winter is finally coming. You have waited patiently for the snow to start falling and if you are like us, you have begun counting down the days to get back on your skis or snowboard. Before you race to the hills, ask yourself is your gear really ready for the upcoming season? No question the slopes take a toll on your gear, and without the proper maintenance and safety checks you could really be putting yourself at risk. So, let’s do a quick safety check to make sure your gear is ready for what we hope will be an epic ski season.

Skis and Bindings

Inspect your skis one at time. Check the base and look for excessive scratches, scuff marks and other damage. If your skis don’t look shiny and don’t feel smooth to the touch, it is time for a new coat of wax.
The edges of your skis can take a beating during the season so it is very important that they stay in great condition. Inspect the edges for bumps, chips or other damage. If the edges do not feel smooth, consider bringing them in to us for a tune up.
You’ll also want to make sure that the tips of your skis are still laminated, and if they are not– this is an issue you will want to have repaired right away.
When it comes to your bindings we recommend they be professionally tested at the start of each season regardless of how they look or feel. To maintain a safe level of operation it is important to have each binding tested on the equipment of a professional workshop. Use, age and other factors can change the internal workings of your bindings, potentially compromising their safety and release points. Our equipment simulates stresses and environmental factors that are impossible for a visual inspection to reveal. Our certified testers will dial in your bindings to precise settings in order to maintain their optimal level of performance for all factors including your age, weight and ability level.

Snowboards and bindings

Do a visual inspection of your board. Start off by examining the bottom of the board and look for any major dents or scratches. If you do notice anything out of the ordinary, you will want to have the bottom of your board resurfaced by a professional. These dents and scratches will impact your speed and performance, so this is something you will want to have repaired before hitting the slopes.

Did you wax and tune your board before storing it for the season? Tuning your board will help you perform better and can drastically improve how you ride. If you are unfamiliar with how to wax your board– we would be more than glad to handle that for you.

Time to check those snowboard bindings. Make sure they still provide that nice and tight feel. Check them for any cracks or breaks. If your straps or ratchets are starting to wear down– consider replacing them. Also, be sure to tighten all screws that are being used to hold the bindings in place.


Step into your boots to see if you still get that tight and snug feel. Are you noticing that the inner liner has begun to deteriorate and your boots just don’t feel as tight as they once did? No question about it, to perform well on the hill – you need a pair of boots that fit perfectly. A bad fitting boot will lead to a decrease in performance. So instead of getting on the mountain with a pair of old boots that don’t provide the support you need –consider replacing those with a pair of brand new boots.


Safety should always come first on the slopes and this is why we at GOSKAND always recommend wearing a helmet. How old is your current helmet? Since the foam and plastics inside the ski helmets can become less effective with age it is critical that you replace your helmet every 3-5 years. Inspect your helmet for any damage — especially if you took a big spill last season.


Did you have trouble last season with your goggles fogging on the hill? Are your lenses scratched and affecting your visibility? If, so it may be time to replace your googles . Your goggles should provide you with a snug fit and provide you with adequate ventilation to help keep you on the hill all day long.

Keeping your ski and snowboard gear in tip top shape is essential. So, go ahead and dig out your gear and start getting it ready for the upcoming ski season. At Goskand Ski and Snowboard Shop retail locations, we offer access to a variety of work shope service. Whether you need a sharpen and wax, a binding mount, a complete tune-up, or a binding adjustment, we have the staff and equipment to take care of you! So don’t stress about getting your gear ready, we have your back!

See you on the slopes!

Binding Services***
Mount / Binding Adjustment
(no sale)
Mount / Binding Adjustment
(with ski equipment service)
Mount / Re-Mount Cross Country Skis
Computerized Binding Test
Binding Adjustment
Canting (one ski)

Complete Tune-ups Include: Bottom Stone Finish, Bottom Wet Grind, Edge Sharpening, Deburring Edges, Computerized Binding Test, Structuring, Hot Wax** You must bring in your ski boots for any binding work that will be done to you skis. This includes binding mounts, re-mounts and adjustments. This is necessary to make sure your bindings are adjusted for your specific ski boots